Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11~Keeping cozy

Whenever JoJo is cold on the weekend she lays downstairs next to the wood stove. We only have the woodstove on over the weekend usually. Doesn't she look like the people in Kiss' video for "I love it Loud". They all had glowing eyes, I think that looked like stars. Haven't seen it for a while.


  1. mmmmm....looks cozy! We don't have a fireplace/wood stove type thing. We have space heaters. I wish we had a fireplace or wood stove, they are so much more cozy and romantic to me. Your cats eyes seem to be glowing!! lol

  2. that looks so nice!! and i love the lil gate you have around it lol!! thanks for stopping by my blog im following you as well.. I have found that if i see other pples 365 it helps me to complete mine!! we are getting there!!!!